Yes we are Open

Hello world. We get at least 1 call a day asking if we are open. And Yes we are open. The Covid bug has caused us all to have to adjust our lives and habits, but we have not adjusted our hours. We bring in new stock every week and with our almost 6000sqft showroom you can easily distance yourself from other patrons.

Looking to get out of the house? Make Latonia, Ky a destination.

  • Visit Half & Half where you will find treasures and lost memories.
  • Visit Curated Decor where you will find Mid-Century Decor.
  • Have lunch at Bards Burgers for a Classic Grilled Hamburger
  • Soon to Open The Roost.. Relax with Friends with a drink and snack
  • Have a nightcap at one of the local watering holes.. 4 of them to choose from with Live Bands on Friday & Saturday Nights
  • Take home fresh warm doughnuts from Sunrise they open at 6pm

What a great way to spend an afternoon!

Covid-19 Re-Opening

Once again we were forced to be closed because of this pandemic, BUT.. we have survived and are now fully reopened.  New items are coming out every day and the store is quickly being restocked with all types of treasures.  Follow us on Facebook for more up to date information.

Grand RE-Opening

We suffered a fire in January 2018 and have been closed for repairs for a very long time.  But we are NOW OPEN and plan to stay that way.

We have also added some new areas to the store.  We just opened a Train Shop in our store.  We have a great selection of Lionel trains and a mix of several other manufacturers.

In the next few months we will be opening an area dedicated to vintage and antique hardware.  Knobs, hinges, glass tops, wood, doors and so much more.  We will also have furniture available that needs repaired or refinished at rock bottom prices.

In the mid-summer we will be opening an area dedicated to an online auction house.  You can log in and see new treasures every week or stop by the store and see it all first hand.  This is going to be one of our primary means to move items that have been with us to long and to keep our inventory changing so that each time you visit our store you find it to be a new experience.

Hello world!

Welcome to Half & Half’s blog!

We have not decided if we are going to try to run a blog but if we do this will be the area where we will share new information and special items that come into the shop.  We will for certain update our facebook page with some of the inventory we just have not decided if it will be time worthy to do it here as well.